Our company was established over 20 years ago and has been functioning under its present name Arwena for 10 years. We are the greatest leather fancy goods distributor for the south of Poland. We import directly from French and Italian manufacturers and cooperate with domestic companies as well.

We sell only wholesale and keep our collection up to date with the latest fashion trends and offer original products with innovative patterns in different colours. Our partners are carefully selected European companies which manufacture products, the quality of which we can trust. Thanks to direct import, we make sure shopping at our warehouse pays off.

The Arwena warehouse is open to any form of cooperation with other companies: not only sellers whom we would like to offer a wide range of products at attractive prices, but also manufacturers who would like to present their products to new clients and enter new markets in this way. We will also be happy to cooperate with other warehouses and manufacturers from similar branches in order to exchange experiences and join forces in marketing.

You are welcome to visit our physical and online warehouse.